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5 Ways to Avoid Accidents Over The Holidays

Kids love to get involved with holiday preparations - from baking cookies to decorating the house. However, those enthusiastic little hands will need extra supervision.
A recent study found that many holiday injuries are caused by everyday hazards - such as sharp objects left out - not just season-specific items. Throw in the distractions of entertaining and you’ve got potential accidents on your hands.
So this holiday season, yes, use all your standard under-age-five childproofing strategies - but up the safety with these five holiday tips. Remember, though: No tip or tactic can ever replace adult supervision.
1 Gifts: The biggest risk with presents is the ribbon which can strangle a child. Skip ribbons when wrapping, and if guests bring elaborately wrapped gifts, snip off any ribbon. When the wrapping comes off, check toys to ensure they are age-appropriate. And stow gifts for grown-ups (perfume, alcohol, items with small batteries) away from young kids.
2 Lights: Check decorative lights for frayed or damaged wires. Each extension cord should have only three sets of lights plugged into it and should be tucked away from exploring fingers. Turn off lights when leaving the house or going to bed.
3 Decorations: Glass ornaments are the most overlooked risk on a Christmas tree. Place any small or glass decorations on the top third of the tree. If you want a live tree, remember it needs plenty of water or it will dry out and be a fire risk.
4 Food: Don’t let the festivities get in the way of your usual kitchen safety practices. Keep everything well away from the edge of the counter. That goes for the rest of the house too.
5 Parties: You’ll probably be entertaining guests over the next few weeks. Remember to store visitors’ jackets and purses in a separate room so the curious little partiers are less likely to find choking hazards. When the party is over, clean up before going to bed so that kids can’t sample any lingering food or try an unsupervised sip of wine.

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