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Amanda Jenner


Thinking about saying goodbye to diapers - but having problems achieving your goal? Don't panic, help is at hand ... ask Amanda!
Amanda Jenner, mother of three, is the inventor of "My Carry Potty. She came up with the idea almost 10 years ago, when she was potty training her eldest - and an embarrassing situation inspired the thinking behind this innovative new product.
"My son would only ever use his own potty which meant taking it everywhere with me in a carrier bag – not very elegant or hygienic!
One day, while I was out shopping in a busy high street he needed to go, and it was the disapproving looks as I disposed of the contents down the nearest drain that got me thinking there has to be something better than this. 10 years later I have what I believe is the perfect product to successfully help you through potty training."

Check out Amanda's website here: www.mycarrypotty.co.uk

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